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Master Fanfic List (OPEN MEMBERSHIP) 
24th-Oct-2010 09:34 pm


My fics are 96% YooSu, 3% JunChun and 1% other pairings! HUGE FAN OF YOOSU! <3 They are definitiely real! Can't imagine other pairings, even YunJae pairing. >< So if you love YooSu as much as me, I hope you will enjoy reading my fics.

Most of my fanfics are locked. You have to join in order to read them. I'm not picky with whoever joins the comm. It's because I'm not comfortable with unknown readers reading them. I just want to know more about you, eg who you like most in DBSK, and make sure you have read the rules first. The rules are put in placed to respect the writer (me) because I spent the time writing. Also, bashing are not allowed!

Read and follow these 6 simple rules / steps to be added. IT'S NOT HARD TO FOLLOW THEM RIGHT? The only reason why you're rejected is because you didn't follow one step. Simple as that. (:

  1. Leave a comment ONLY in this post that you wish to join esteeff and write a little about yourself.

  2. Join the comm (there's no need approval for it).

  3. Comment my fics once in a while so I know you're still around.

  4. I will not tolerate bashing or inappropriate comments. Helpful comments or appreciation are only allowed.

  5. Do not repost / translate any of my fics without my permission.

  6. You can request for a fic here, but it depends whether I have the time to write it.

Thanks for reading this and following the rules. <3

Oh and if you have twitter, you can add me @esteeat and tell me who you are!
I'll be more than happy to be friends with you! (:

Up to date completed fanfics: 85 oneshots, 8 short stories, 3 chaptered

YooSu | PG-13 | Bandfic, fluff
Junsu, just like any ordinary guy, has emotions. However, unlike other ordinary guy, he's a singer. A singer from Dong Bang Shin Ki (DBSK). Also, he's special. Special in the sense that he doesn't like girls. He's... A homosexual. And surprisingly, Yoochun, another member of DBSK, is his partner.

Jagiya, I love you
YooSu | PG-13 | AU, romance
Yoochun was out with his wife, Junsu and he recalled how he won his heart and proposed to him.

I still love you
YooSu | PG-13 | Bandfic, fluff
It was just another ordinary day where Junsu flared up because of Yoochun. But that's how he shows his concern to his hyung.

Now I know how much you love me
YooSu | PG-13 | AU, fluff
Yoochun is ignoring Junsu because he was computer gaming. And Junsu decided to take revenge by ignoring him as well.

I'll be there for you
YooSu | PG-13 | AU, fluff, angst
What Yoochun would do just for Junsu.

Stupid twitter
YooSu | PG-13 | Bandfic, fluff
When Junsu's brother, Junho, created a twitter account.

This is how I feel
YooSu/JunChun | PG-13 | Bandfic, songfic, fluff
What the guys thought of when they sang the song.

Crying babo Junsu
YooSu | PG-13 | Bandfic, fluff
Junsu saw the ending of Yoochun’s drama, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and cried.

Pillar in my life
JunChun | PG-13 | AU, fluff, angst
Yoochun was found to have an illness and Junsu took care of him.

Useless Minnie Mouse love tips
YooSu | PG-13 | AU, fluff, cross-dressing
Junsu wanted to talking Minnie Mouse for a purpose.

YooSu | PG-13 | AU, fluff/romance
Junsu wanted to get to know the pianist who was playing the beautiful melody in the music room.

Waiting for that day
YooSu/JunChun | PG-13 | Bandfic, fluff
They had an interview and were asked some sensitive questions.

YooSu | PG-13 | AU, romance
Junsu has been waiting for his first love (Yoochun) to reappear, after he had left him with no note, no reason.

Happy Valentines' Day
YooSu | PG-13 | Bandfic, fluff
Yoochun and Junsu had Valentines’ night to themselves.

The low self-confidence Easter bunny
YooSu | PG-13 | AU, fluff
Junsu has a low self-confidence due to his butt.
[Vietnamese translation, cr: [info]boo_chen]

One life changes their fate
YooSu | PG-13 | AU, fluff, mpreg
Junsu is pregnant and his water bag had burst.

YooSu | PG-13 | Bandfic, angst
Junsu and Yoochun are planning to leave the group.

His heart beats just for him
YooSu | PG-13 | AU, fluff/romance
They met when they were 15 and 17 years old. Junsu's lover had a disease, but he didn't mind. What if one day, he collapsed? What would Junsu do?

Freaked out
YooSu | PG-13 | AU, fluff/romance, angst
Junsu and the pianist, Yoochun, had been meeting each other in the music room for a few months now. But on Christmas Day, Junsu was freaked out.

Unrequited love
YooSu | PG-13 | AU, angst, songfic
"Waiting hurts. Forgetting hurts. But not knowing which one to choose is the worst of suffering." – runawaytrain.tumblr.com

I can only hear you
YooSu | PG-13 | AU, fluff, songfic, angst
He thought it was the end of his life the moment he lost his sense of hearing. But there is someone by his side who will always be there for him.

Junsu wants Yoochun's attention
YooSu | PG-13 | Bandfic, fluff/romance
Yoochun is ignoring Junsu as he memorizes his lines. All Junsu wants is Yoochun’s attention. How is he going to do that?

The hot and pretty pop star
PG-13 | AU, fluff, failed crack
When Junsu met a hot and pretty pop star.

PG-13 | AU, fluff
Yoochun confessed his feeling.

Dear diary
PG-13 | AU, fluff
Yoochun was reading his old diary.

I swear
YooSu | PG-13 | AU, fluff
The complicated relationship between the two best friends.

Perverted Changmin
PG-13 | AU, fluff/romance
Changmin overheard YooSu couple conversation and thought they were up to something.

Junsu's phobia
PG-13 | AU, fluff/romance, failed crack
Yoochun wanted to tease the poor man.
[Vietnamese translation, cr: yundbsk]

Knowing you is the best gift from God
YooSu | PG-13 | AU, fluff
It’s about how Junsu gets to know Yoochun when he was younger. He realized Yoochun was not only his best friend, but also someone he would want to spend his life with everyday.
[1] [2 (End)]

A wonderful SUppuccino
YooSu | PG-13 | AU, fluff
Yoochun was addicted to drinking a cup of cappuccino every morning and he decided to confess his love to his admirer. What would happen after that?
[1] [2 (End)]

Our beautiful Park Kim
YooSu/JunChun | PG-13 | AU, fluff, mpreg, failed crack
Yoochun is 8 months pregnant.
[1] [2 (End)]

I'm screwed because of you
YooSu | PG-13 | AU, romance, fluff
Yoochun likes loves Junsu but seeing him hanging around with his partner made Yoochun boiled in anger.
[1] [2] [3 (End)]

The big day that turned out wrong
YooSu | PG-13 | AU, angst, fluff
It was supposed to be Junsu’s big day, but it turned out the opposite.
[Prologue] [1] [2 (End)]

You are perfect for me
YooSu | PG-13 | AU, angst, fluff
He doesn’t believe he’s the perfect one for Yoochun no matter how many times the latter said so.
[1] [2] [3 (End)]

YooSu, MinSu | PG-13 | AU, angst
"You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly." – Sam Keen
[1] [2] [3 (End)]

Goodbye, my love
YooSu | PG-13 | AU, fluff, angst
When you promise someone, keep your promises.
[1] [2 (End)]

Chibi Series

#01 Prince Chun and Princess Su
YooSu | PG-13 | AU, fluff, chibi
Mrs Kim telling a bedtime story to the 2 4-year-old boys.

#02 Junsu's new friend
YooSu | PG-13 | AU, fluff, chibi
Junsu has a new friend. What about Yoochun?

#03 Pervy young kids
YooSu | PG-13 | AU, fluff, chibi, failed crack
So Yoochun and Junsu were playing a game, but something distracted them.

#04 I miss you
YooSu | PG-13 | AU, fluff, chibi
Junsu was sick and Yoochun misses him.

#05 Teasing
YooSu | PG-13 | AU, fluff, chibi, failed crack
Yoochun said Junsu was a crybaby, making the latter cry.

#06 Mickey or Minnie Mouse?
YooSu | PG-13 | AU, fluff, chibi
It’s the time for Christmas, which means they will be receiving presents! Jump for joy! But maybe excluding one young boy.

#07 Pinky promise
YooSu | PG-13 | AU, fluff, chibi
YTheir pinky promise, will it still exist or will one of them have to literally cut off their pinky finger because he broke the promise?

#08 The change
YooSu | PG-13 | AU, fluff, chibi, failed crack
Junsu was caught doing something unhealthy by his Eomma. Then when Yoochun came, they did something unexpected.

Christmas Series

#02 A present from Santa
YooSu/JunChun | PG-13 | AU, fluff
Junsu received an unusual letter.

#04 The proposal
JunChun | PG-13 | AU, fluff
Junsu asked Santa Claus to fulfill his wish again.

#05 A Christmas to remember
YooSu/JunChun | PG-13 | AU, fluff, angst
Yoochun and Junsu, a heavenly match couple who wasn’t meant to be together.

#06 I saw mummy kissing Santa Claus
YooSu | PG-13 | AU, fluff
As what the title means, Hyun Su, YooSu’s son, saw his Umma kissing Santa Claus.

#08 Their First Meet
YooSu | PG-13 | AU, fluff
The first time he saw the photo – of someone he didn't know – he knew he has fallen in love.

Chunday Series

#01 Surprise
JunChun | PG-13 | AU, fluff
It's Yoochun's birthday.

#02 Stay with me tonight
JunChun | PG-13 | AU, fluff
Junsu brought Yoochun to a romantic dinner.

#03 I love you
YooSu | PG-13 | AU, fluff
After Junsu left for his studies, Yoochun had no one to confide to. He had sent Junsu emails over the past few months but the latter did not reply.

English Lessons Series

#02 Your laughter is all I need
YooSu | PG-13 | Bandfic, fluff
Yoochun was feeling a little insecure and thinking about many things.

Jealous!Chun Series

Yoochun's jealous of a kiss
YooSu | PG-13 | Bandfic, fluff/romance, crack
Yoochun was furious about Junsu's kiss scene in the Elisabeth musical with a guy!

Jealous!Su Series

#01 Under the clicks of the camera
YooSu | PG-13 | Bandfic, fluff
Junsu is simply jealous of the soulmates interaction.

#03 Flying hands and the green crying monster
YooSu/JunChun | PG-13 | Bandfic, fluff
Junsu is jealous, even during their rehearsals.

#05 The moment you opened your mouth...
YooSu | PG-13 | Bandfic, fluff, crack
Yoochun should know better what to do during a kiss scene now.

New Year Series

#01 Junsu's lookalike
YooSu | PG-13 | AU, fluff
Yoochun wants to find someone who looks like Junsu.

#04 New year, new beginning
YooSu | PG-13 | AU, fluff/romance
Yoochun was in search for a new tie and a surprise for his date.

OT5 Series

#01 You are the key to my 5 senses
YooSu | PG-13 | Bandfic, fluff
Yoochun tells Junsu how important he is to him using his 5 senses and Junsu does it back in another way.

#02 Holiday
YooSu | PG-13 | Bandfic, fluff
The five guys met up in a foreign country for a holiday together. What surprise would Junsu bring to us again?

#03 If...
OT5 | PG-13 | Bandfic, fluff
How will DBSK celebrate their 7th Anniversary together?

#04 Reality
OT5 | PG-13, Bandfic, angst
He couldn't accept reality and so he escaped from it and flew to a secluded country where no one knows him.

#05 Our cottage
OT5 | PG-13 | Bandfic, fluff/romance, angst
Is Home the place you shared wonderful memories with your loved ones or is there a secret place where only those involved know?

#06 We're ready...
Changmin/OT5 | PG-13 | Bandfic, angst, fluff/romance
It was their 10th anniversary and Changmin was on memory lane. What does he think of their new song, Ten, and what does the lyrics mean?

Showcase Series

#01 Be my girl baby, baby, baby
YooSu | PG-13 | Bandfic, fluff
What were Junsu’s and Yoochun’s reactions when they saw the clothes for their showcase tour.

#02 Jae's Retribution
YooSu | PG-13 | Bandfic, failed fluff
Finally, all three (JYJ) wore weird outfits for the showcase.

#03 Junsu's punishment
YooSu | PG-13 | Bandfic, fluff
When Junsu tried to study English, his cat, Tiger, disturbed him.

#04 Mickey has a hickey
YooSu | PG-13 | Bandfic, failed crack
MTV K had a tour in JYJ's dressing room and the cameraman noticed something on Yoochun's collarbone.

Xiahday Series

#03 Nothing much changed
YooSu | PG-13 | Bandfic, fluff
A big surprise from Jaejoong.

#04 Happy birthday, my December baby
YooSu | PG-13 | AU, fluff
It's a story between two strangers. Noticing a characteristic in the boy that is similar to his previous boyfriend, he changed his attitude towards him. Since then, things changed.

Inspiration (Hiatus)
YooSu | PG-13 | AU, romance
As Junsu had no inspiration for his upcoming fashion collection, he went out to look for one. Would he manage to find something else other than inspiration?
[Forewords] [1] [2] [3]

Our destiny (Completed)
YooSu | PG-13 | AU, fluff/romance, girl!Su
Junsu never knew how relying on guys turns out to be a nightmare to her. As she got out from the misery from her last break up, with the help of her friends, she met a guy. He treats her cold sometimes, but he also showers her with all his love.
Warning: Junsu and Jaejoong are female in this fic. (:
[Forewords] [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20] [21] [22] [23] [24] [25]

No turning back (Completed)
YooSu | PG-13 | AU, angst, fluff, mpreg
Junsu’s husband has left him for another guy, who is pregnant.
[Forewords] [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10]

The misunderstanding (Completed)
YooSu | PG-13 | AU, fluff/romance
Both Yoochun and Junsu were accepted into Seoul National University and the same course. But what holds their future? They, themselves, do not know.
[Waiting (Prequel)] [Forewords] [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11]

For you (On-going)
YooSu, YunJae, MinKyu | PG-13 | AU, fluff/romance
Will he be able to get famous just for him? Will he change for him? What will he do?
[Forewords] [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17]

Brace up
YunJae | PG-13 | Bandfic, angst
Jaejoong sent a few text messages to Yunho and was feeling dejected already.
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Those fanfics are: Memories, Jagiya, I Love You, I still love you, Knowing you is the best gift from god, Now I know how much you love me, A Wonderful SUppuccino,You are the key to my 5 senses.
As for the other fanfics, you should be able to read it.
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